Glass Blowing from Ancient to Modern

The History behind Glass Blowing Pipes and Its Unpredictive Flow

Glass presents a decorative and functional material. Sometimes it can’t replace with other material, unless we talk about glass sculptures or glass pipes and bongs. Molten glass is used for making adorable glass figures which present one kind of art. Glass blowing is an ancient skill without which our lives will be unthinkable. Just think about the glass pipes.

The ancient beginnings of glass blowing


Glass blowing as an ancient technique of making glass figures first appeared in Egypt. Egyptian used it the glass for glazing, making sculptures and the first beads. That was in 1500 BC. But, the first who discovered this magical material were the Phoenician people. They used a combination of soda, heat and sand to make glass.

This early, this art caused an admiration from people. The glass blowers, or gaffers, were people who were respected by others. They used a bubble and a blow tube to manipulate the molten glass. The glass blower discovered that if they combine sand with other material and use heat, they could create a different shape and color of pipes and bongs. That made a chance for expressing their talent on the glass.

The glass was available only for the rich and noble people. But, if we look deeper into the history,all ancient people used glass. For example, the Greeks made the earliest glassware. They developed the distinguish decorations on glass vessels. It presents an amazing art.

In last decade of the last century we can attest that the glass pipe was something we couldn’t buy in a store. We needed go out of our own way to search for these treasured gems. People were infatuated with these pieces of glass. They were interested in who were the people who made them and how they did that.


Modern glass blowing pipes


The glass bottles, drinking glasses, and pipes now are available to everybody. Big glass houses compete with one another on the marketplace of glass pipes. We can find different designs of pipes. Adding a silver, gold, cobalt, and iron to the making process, makes adorable colors of glass.

New styles and techniques of making pipes make these figures colorful, psychedelic and intricate. The glass pipes have theirs own conventions, language, ethics and socio-political effects. Some of them are used for tobacco only. Earlier, before 2003, the Federal Government defined what “drug paraphernalia” means, so all pipe’s makers and the people from a glass selling sector awere potential criminals. Pipes were produced behind closed doors of warehouses and garages.

Modern glass blowing uses the old techniques. The major tools used in the modern glass blowing are glass furnace, blow tube, punty rod, marver, bench, paddles, jacks, tweezers, paper and a variation of sheers.

Do you want to know what glass bong is? Bong is one kind of water pipe for smoking cannabis.

Name bong comes from a word “baung”, which means a cylindrical smoking tube made up of wood or bamboo. It is not the same when you smoke blunts, bongs, or pipes. The difference between them is in the heat of smoke.

When you smoke the blunts, the smoke is the hottest. But, if you smoke bongs or pipes, you will feel the sensation of smoke with a cooler temperature. The temperature is important because it has an effect on the smoking experience. Very hot smoke could cause discomfort or coughing. In the some cases the high temperature of smoke causes damage to the lungs. The bongs and pipes present a better choice when it comes to smoking.